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Sythe's Tribute To Michael Jackson For Children With Autism Videos Are Below After His Promo & Music Videos

  • Sythe as Michael Jackson

  • Holiday Videos!

    "Kenmore Ave" Movie Trailer. This Is The Trailer From The Independent Movie Sythe Was In While Living In L.A. You Can Catch a Quick Clip Of Him at 0:09 In The Orange Shirt. He Was Credited as Sebastian Cameron. ** IMDb - Kenmore Ave**

    Sythe's Wife Is A Business and Personal Development Consultant.
    Visit Her Official Website: *Deanne Cameron.Com*

    "Deanne always finds that light inside of you and help you stay FOCUSED. Giving up is never an option that she teaches and instills in others. I am so Blessed to call her my Wifey & best friend, I THANK GOD I HAVE HER IN MY LIFE EVERYDAY!!" - Sythe

    *Music Is Powerful & Music Heals The Soul. So Let The Lord Be Your Melody* Sythe